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As a Chinese new-type manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of radiation protection equipment, shielding materials and supporting equipment, Shandong Kangxinda Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Jinan Luyi Radiation Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.) is a professional processing and manufacturing enterprise of stainless steel medical equipment in China, has a certain scale of research and development experiments, manufacturing and processing bases, and has capability of importing and exporting and R&D, innovation and production of radiation protection equipment.

1. Large-scale flat line equipment: forming equipment for cutting, bending, bending and welding stainless steel products, produce various types of protective equipment and equipment with lead-clad stainless steel plates.

2. A complete set of special equipment for tungsten alloy shielding materials: it can produce tungsten alloy blanks of various shapes with a weight of 1.0-50000g; and processed into tungsten alloy products with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

3. Equipped with high-quality technical personnel and perfect logistics to ensure that the product quality is up to the standard and the logistics is delivered quickly. We always adhere to the principle of honest management and customer first, excellent quality, advanced performance, reliable quality, and high-quality service will be your best choice. All employees of the company are enthusiastic and look forward to your visit!


Company Profile


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