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Customer Service

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1. Provide customers with product technical solutions for free before product sales, and provide on-site explanations, technical consultations and program customization services according to customer requirements.

2. After the product is sold, provide customers with free product use training to guide the use and maintenance of the product.

3. From the date of product acceptance, if the instrument fails, we will provide 3 months of only replacement but not repair service. Within 1 year, if the instrument has any fault, we will repair it for you free of charge (except for man-made damage).

4. If the product fails outside the warranty period, the repair service will only charge component costs.

5. Our company promises that the customer service hotline will respond within 8 hours after receiving customer inquiries or maintenance information, and the on-site maintenance service engineers are arranged to arrive on site within three days after responding.


Customer Service


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