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Jinan Luyi ray protection equipment Co., Ltd

We are a new Chinese manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of radiation protection equipment, shielding materials and supporting instruments. We are a professional processing and manufacturing enterprise producing stainless steel medical devices in China. We have a certain scale of R & D experiment, manufacturing and processing base, and have the ability of import and export R & D innovation and production of radiation protection equipment.

1. Large flat line equipment: forming equipment for cutting, folding, bending and welding stainless steel products. It can produce protective articles and equipment with lead coating in various types of stainless steel plates.

2. Complete set of special equipment for tungsten alloy shielding materials: it can produce tungsten alloy blanks of various shapes weighing 1.0-50000g; And processed into tungsten alloy products with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

3. Equipped with high-quality process technicians and perfect logistics to ensure qualified product quality inspection and rapid logistics delivery. We always adhere to the principle of good faith management and customer first. Excellent quality, advanced performance, reliable quality and high-quality service will be your best choice. All employees of the company are enthusiastic and look forward to your visit!

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With 30 years of rich experience and control ability in Entrepreneurship and sustainable operation, we have established a stable, efficient and standardized operation and management system.


Technical process

Advanced production equipment, technology and mature process, strict quality control, rich product processing and manufacturing experience and ability to ensure to provide customers with high-quality products.


Market development

The huge, stable and highly competitive sales and service network provides strong support for the company's market development, and can provide customers with fast and high-quality pre-sales and after-sales service.

Enterprise services

Strong experience and ability in investment, development and project operation management can provide customers with comprehensive, efficient and high-quality system solutions.


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